Poverty Statistics

Saskatchewan Poverty Dashboard – 3  – (published  Jan 2021) High poverty rates and deep poverty among Saskatchewan adults not living in families. sk poverty dashboard – 3

Saskatchewan Poverty Dashboard – 2  – (published  Jan 2021) Saskatchewan income security programs for those with low income are much too low to enable recipients to escape poverty. sk poverty dashboard – 2

Saskatchewan Poverty Dashboard – 1 – (published in  2020) New poverty line thresholds. show that the number of persons in poverty in Saskatchewan in 2018 was 122 thousand, over 25 per cent more than the 96 thousand reported before the revision. Sask Poverty Dashboard – 1

Poverty rates in Saskatchewan – an update. Saskatchewan’s poverty rates in 2018  skp2018

Poverty in Saskatchewan – 2017.  skp2017

Poverty in Saskatchewan – 2016. Using Official Poverty Line.  skp2016

Poverty Costs Saskatchewan: A New Approach to Prosperity for All. Poverty Costs, October 2014. Available from http://www.povertycosts.ca/resources

Child and Family Poverty in Saskatchewan: November 2010. Fiona Douglas and Paul Gingrich. Social Policy Research Unit (SPR), Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina. http://ww.uregina.ca/spr