Saskatchewan people have the ability to end poverty in our province.

We will advance the well-being of all Saskatchewan individuals, families and communities by promoting the development and adoption of effective, measurable and timely policies and programs to eliminate poverty in Saskatchewan.

Poverty is not inevitable, there are concrete actions that government, communities and business can take to eliminate the scourge of poverty in our province. The history of our province is full of examples of people working together to bring about change. In Saskatchewan, thousands of people work daily to lessen the burden of poverty; in our streets, at food banks; through church groups, in schools, hospitals and out of neighbourhood and community centres. At the same time, governments provide services such as income assistance, child benefits and affordable housing. Yet poverty still exists – even in a province as rich as ours.

We need to continue to work on solutions that include citizens and governments alike in order to create a “Made-in-Saskatchewan” approach to eliminating poverty.