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The 2017 provincial budget contained many cuts particularly detrimental to people living with poverty. In Budget 2017: For the Few, Not the Many PFS documents the impacts of these changes. budget_2017_PFS (final) June 15

PFS made a submission to the SaskForward consultation process Free Saskatchewan, Submission to SaskForward Policy Summit, January 28, 2017, Including a Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction  SaskForward Submission, PFS, Jan 26, 2017 – final

PFS’ analysis of the effects of the budget, Budget 2016: Transformation or Austerity? budget_2016_PFS (2)  Poverty Free Saskatchewan Media Release August 15 2016 FINAL

PFS response to Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction report  AGPR Report PFS comments Oct 2015 . PFS press release – Oct 15, 2015 – final

Communities Respond

Strategies to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatchewan

Let’s Do Something About Poverty

Sources used for Let’s Do Something About Poverty

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Other Sources

Government of Saskatchewan, Taking Action on Poverty: The Saskatchewan Poverty Reduction Strategy

February 24, 2016. Poverty Reduction Summary – Backgrounder  ; Poverty Reduction Strategy Priority Area Actions Table  ; Full report Poverty Reduction Strategy PDF

Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction report with recommendations for Saskatchewan’s poverty reduction strategy. Full report. Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction Report

Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction (SK), April 28, 2015. Poverty Reduction Roundtable Presentation. Facilitated by Liz Weaver from Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement. AGPR Poverty Roundtable Presentation April 2015

Poverty Costs Saskatchewan: A New Approach to Prosperity for All. Poverty Costs, October 2014. Available from

Poverty Reduction in Quebec: The First Five Years. The Caledon Institute of Social Policy, 2010. Quebec was the first government in Canada to introduce poverty reduction legislation. This report discusses lessons learned, which may be of interest to those from other jurisdictions.

“From Dependence to Independence: Actions and Investments for Saskatchewan’s Most Vulnerable People”. Saskatchewan Social Services, Regina, Summer 2012.
BC Campaign 2000 : 2012 Child Poverty Report Card, produced by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, November 2012.

Towards a More Equal Canada The Broadbent Institute, October 2012.

“Income Inequality in Canada: How does Manitoba compare? Can we do better?” Economic & Social Trends, CCPA Review, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 2012. Includes Saskatchewan statistics in inter-provincial comparisons.

Bill C-545, An Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada.

Child and Family Poverty in Saskatchewan: November 2010. Fiona Douglas and Paul Gingrich. Social Policy Research Unit (SPR), Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina.

The Dignity Project. Salvation Army. Report, videos, songs.

Federal Poverty Reduction Plan: Working in Partnership Towards Reducing Poverty in Canada, by the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (the HUMA Committee).

Hunger Count 2010, a publication of Food Banks of Canada.

“Let’s Talk About Our Path to Change”. Video.

“Recipes for Hunger: Saskatchewan Women Speak About Food Insecurity”. Webinar. Yolanda Hansen. Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence. February 18, 2011. More information and downloading webinar at

The Regina Food Bank – Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope. 2009 Annual Report.

The Rise of Canada’s Richest 1%. Armine Yalnizyan. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. December 2010.

Canadian Social Research Links: Key Welfare Links
When you open this page and scroll down about four pages you will find links to all legislation regarding Saskatchewan social services.