How you can help eliminate poverty

This is your invitation to get involved in creating an action plan to eliminate poverty in Saskatchewan. Our network, Poverty Free Saskatchewan (PFS), invites you to connect with us. Take a look at the documents ” Let’s Do Something About Poverty” , “Strategies to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatchewan” and “Communities Respond”.

Here are some of the ways you can help in the work to eliminate poverty.

1. Send us an email message and ask us to put you on our email list so we can send you updates.

2. Write us a letter with your answers to the questions listed below.

3. Get together with a group of people you know who are living in poverty and/or working with those who live in poverty, discuss the questions below, write-up your answers and send them to us.

4. Consider using your answers to write a letter to your local newspaper or your political representatives.


Your answers to these 5 questions will help us develop a “Made-in-Saskatchewan” action plan:

1. What does poverty mean to you?

2. Why should we worry about poverty in Saskatchewan?

3. What would a poverty-free Saskatchewan look like?

4. How can we achieve a poverty free Saskatchewan?

5. What targets and policies should we adopt?

You can send your answers to these 5 questions to PFS by completing the form on the “Contact Us” page. Please include your city/town and province with your responses.

We want to hear from everyone concerned with the issue of poverty in our province.