The Poverty Clinic – Adverse Childhood Experience

The March 2011 New Yorker has a most interesting piece, “The Poverty Clinic: Can a stressful childhood make you a sick adult?” It summarizes the results of a study called Adverse Childhood Experience done at the Kaiser HMO in San Diego. 

Respondents described by writing their adverse childhood experiences (ten examples from divorce, emotional neglect, physical abuse to parents with alcoholism, mental health issues etc.) The respondents represented a mainstream middle to upper middle class demographic: 69% were Caucasian, 74% had attended college and the average age was 57. Respondents were given an ACE score, 1 point for every trauma experienced.

When the medical health history of respondents with high scores was examined it was found that the correlation of adverse childhood experiences and negative experiences was stunning.

Those with ACE scores 4 and higher were twice as likely to have had cancer, four times likely to have heart disease, four times as likely to suffer from lung disease and twelve times as likely to have attempted suicide.

Those with ACE scores higher than 7 who did not drink or smoke or were overweight still had a 360% chance of having heart disease.

The article also describes the Dunedin N.Z. longitudinal study of 1000 people since 1973, which has similar results.

Salvation Army Launches the Dignity Project

“The Salvation Army has released a report that finds many Canadians continue to believe persistent myths about poverty and the poor. The study, based on research conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion, is designed to educate and inform the public about the challenges facing society’s most vulnerable people.”

Check out the report, videos, songs at

1% Home Sweet Home – Feb 17

1% Home Sweet Home

is an art installation organized by Common Weal Community Arts in partnership with numerous social agencies and concerned individuals, that will be held on Thursday, February 17th from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on the east side of Victoria Park in Regina.

This event will celebrate World Community Arts Day as well as focus attention on the serious issue of housing/homelessness in the city.

Regina has a 1% vacancy rate for housing. The weather is cold and many residents are faced with a housing crisis. The average cost of a one-bedroom suite in Regina is $802.00. This equals 97% of the total income for an individual on social assistance, and along with food, comprises 73% of income for someone earning minimum wage. Leaving scarce finances other life necessities.

This art installation highlights the dire circumstances faced by many individuals in our city.

Partners to date include:

Carmichael Outreach, North Central Community Association, Indian Métis Christian Fellowship, Street Culture Kidz, Project People, YWCA Isabel Johnson Shelter, Regina Public Library, Dunlop Art Gallery, Traditional Grandmothers Guidance Centre, Youth and Elders Listening and Learning (YELL), Making Peace Vigil, Regina Anti-Poverty Network, Birdsong Communications, Dr. Marc Spooner, Faculty of Education, U of R, Barbara Meneley, Faculty of Fine Arts, U of R, Dr. Hirsch Greenburg, Faculty of Justice, U of R.