$547 Million to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatchewan

“Across Canada and in Saskatchewan a range of social programs provide financial help for those at low income – child benefits, tax credits, income for the elderly, and social assistance. These provide financial support beyond what individuals and families gain from their employment and other income. They help financially but in many cases are insufficient to prevent poverty.

This short report provides an estimate of the amount of increased financial assistance required to ensure that incomes of all Saskatchewan residents reach the poverty line. For the year 2017 we estimate the total cost for this to be $547 million. We first show summary data on poverty in Saskatchewan, provide an explanation of our estimate, and conclude with options for eliminating poverty. Methodological notes and references follow.”

See the full report by Paul Gingrich and David Rosenbluth here http://uregina.ca/~gingrich/547mep.pdf or here 547mep