Who we are and how you can help:

  • The network offers different levels of participation for anyone who agrees to our Mission.
  • Organizations and individuals will be able to sign their endorsement of the poverty elimination strategy when it is developed and undertake those actions that are appropriate for their own goals.

The network welcomes (but is not limited to) participants drawn from the following:

  • First Nations, Metis and other Aboriginal organizations
  • ‘First voice’ participants (individuals with personal experience of living in poverty)
  • community-based organizations delivering health, education (including early childhood development and care), and social services as well as those promoting anti-poverty measures, adequate and affordable housing, and food security
  • organizations and individuals concerned with disabilities/differing abilities
  • immigrant and refugee communities
  • researchers and public policy institutes and associations
  • professional associations
  • labour unions
  • business organizations
  • faith communities
  • Regional Intersectoral Committees, Boards of Education, Health Regions
  • concerned citizens
  • rural, northern and urban residents
  • local government