1% Home Sweet Home – Feb 17

1% Home Sweet Home

is an art installation organized by Common Weal Community Arts in partnership with numerous social agencies and concerned individuals, that will be held on Thursday, February 17th from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on the east side of Victoria Park in Regina.

This event will celebrate World Community Arts Day as well as focus attention on the serious issue of housing/homelessness in the city.

Regina has a 1% vacancy rate for housing. The weather is cold and many residents are faced with a housing crisis. The average cost of a one-bedroom suite in Regina is $802.00. This equals 97% of the total income for an individual on social assistance, and along with food, comprises 73% of income for someone earning minimum wage. Leaving scarce finances other life necessities.

This art installation highlights the dire circumstances faced by many individuals in our city.

Partners to date include:

Carmichael Outreach, North Central Community Association, Indian M├ętis Christian Fellowship, Street Culture Kidz, Project People, YWCA Isabel Johnson Shelter, Regina Public Library, Dunlop Art Gallery, Traditional Grandmothers Guidance Centre, Youth and Elders Listening and Learning (YELL), Making Peace Vigil, Regina Anti-Poverty Network, Birdsong Communications, Dr. Marc Spooner, Faculty of Education, U of R, Barbara Meneley, Faculty of Fine Arts, U of R, Dr. Hirsch Greenburg, Faculty of Justice, U of R.