The 2017 provincial budget contained many cuts particularly detrimental to people living with poverty. Budget 2017: For the Few, Not the Many documents the impacts of these changes. budget_2017_PFS (final) June 15


PFS’ analysis of the effects of the budget, Budget 2016: Transformation or Austerity? budget_2016_PFS (2) urged the government to abandon its social expenditure roll backs and proceed with the development of an anti-poverty plan supported by anti-poverty legislation. Poverty Free Saskatchewan Media Release August 15 2016 FINAL Budget 2016 Transformation or Austerity pic for web

The provincial government’s report Taking Action on Poverty: The Saskatchewan Poverty Reduction Strategy was released on February 24, 2016. For more detail go to http://povertyfreesask.ca/provincial-governments-poverty-reduction-strategy/

Let’s do something about poverty!


Poverty Free Saskatchewan (PFS) is a new network of individuals, organizations, governments and businesses working toward poverty elimination. PFS recognizes there have been anti-poverty groups working hard for decades in all regions of our province and we wish to support a province-wide movement.

PFS believes people living in poverty are key to all our work and should be involved in all our decision-making.
All regions of the province should be involved because everyone has valuable insights into their own unique situations – from northern First Nation communities to urban neighbourhoods and existing local anti-poverty groups.

Poverty elimination will require involvement and commitment from governments, business, community organizations and individuals. PFS values and promotes respect for all perspectives in its poverty elimination campaign.

Saskatchewan has experienced an unprecedented economic boom over the past decade. However, poverty still exists here and throughout Canada. We know from the people we work with and from research that:
  • Poverty still exists today and is a serious problem.
  • Economic inequality is associated with many social and health problems
  • Poverty costs us all. Eliminating poverty has many benefits and will save society money.
  • Poverty is not just about money, it’s about being excluded from community life.
  • Poverty can be eliminated. Other provinces and countries have reduced economic inequality through the development of antipoverty programs.


Let’s Do Something about Poverty”, outlines the situation in Saskatchewan regarding poverty. It is intended to encourage dialogue and new and innovative proposals and solutions. We are working toward the creation of an effective and detailed poverty elimination strategy for Saskatchewan.

For more information, take a look : Let’s Do Something About Poverty

Strategies to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatchewan

In April 2011 PFS released the discussion document Strategies to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatchewan

Communities Respond

In 2011 and 2012 PFS partnered on consultations around eliminating poverty that were held in North Battleford, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Regina, Tisdale, Nipawin and Melfort. The report Communities Respond was released on Monday Oct0ber 15, 2012.

PFS outlines need for comprehensive strategy – media release

December 18, 2014

Government announces poverty reduction strategy committee

December 22, 2014


 We can all work together to end poverty in Saskatchewan.